About Us


Innovative Thinking To Making Real Difference !!

With a commitment to serving all members of the disability and aged care industries, our mission is to provide complete solutions with unmatched quality. Also, creating an enjoyable experience from start-to-finish. Subsequently, we aim for nothing less than becoming a leading name in this field! Learn about us today!

Our Values

Human Focus

At our company, humanity is at the core of all that we do. And, we believe that businesses should be more than just money-making machines, but rather they should prioritise people and their needs.

High Quality

High Quality is one of the core values that our company upholds in everything that we do. In addition, we understand that quality is essential in maintaining our customers’ satisfaction and trust in our products and services. furthermore, we strive to deliver superior quality products and services by ensuring that we use only the best and techniques available.


We define integrity as doing the right thing. Likewise, even when no one is watching, and consistently adhering to ethical principles and standards. Thus, we prioritise honesty and transparency in all of our dealings, be it with our clients, partners or even competitors.


Innovation is at the core of our “About Us” philosophy, driving us to continually reimagine how we deliver services and support. Therefore, we recognise the importance of  constantly adapting to the changing needs and expectations of our customers. In addition, our commitment to innovation is reflected in every aspect of our operations. 


Our commitment to inclusion extends beyond our employees. Also, we aim to create an inclusive environment for all our stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, and partners. Similarly, we understand that inclusion is not just about diversity. But, it also involves creating a sense of belonging and making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.


At our company, we firmly believe in the value of community. Moreover, we understand that our business does not exist in isolation. But, rather is integrated into a larger network of individuals and organisations that share our vision for a better tomorrow.


Meet Our Management Team

Eneias Rocha

Founder / CEO

Eneias Rocha, CEO of iSeek Group Australia, with over 15 years of experience in juvenile justice and disability support, is passionate about facilitating individuals in achieving their goals. Initially, he never considered entrepreneurship. However, observing clients struggle to access support services, he recognized the need for improvement. In 2018, he ventured into the NDIS as a sole proprietor, only to find the model inadequate for their expanding business. Moreover, Eneias and his team embraced this challenge enthusiastically, aiming to revolutionise the industry for the benefit of their clients. It has been an incredible journey of dedication and progress.

Craig Kavanagh

Co-Founder / COO

Craig Kavanagh, COO of iSeek Group Australia, possesses a rich management background and a deep commitment to aiding others. Subsequently, his alignment with the care industry led him to join iSeekSupport, where he improved processes and ultimately became a partner in the broader iSeek Group. Also, his goal is to transform care delivery through innovative businesses. Likewise, his past as a personal trainer provides valuable insights into assisting clients physically and mentally. Coupled with his tech proficiency, he developed web applications that streamline business operations. Craig’s dedication centers around respecting individuals’ unique needs, aiming to go beyond treating them as mere numbers.

Jade Stores Howat

Relationship Manager